Next Professional Development Meeting:  December 10, 2020 - 7:00 PM


In this new environment APICS Lehigh Valley is proud to offer learning opportunities virtually.  We value the safety of our members and their families.

For the December PDM we will be offering a course through Linkedin Learning focusing on the improvement of business processes.  Since so much activity across the entire supply chain is process driven, continuous improvement is vital to the ongoing efficiency of our organizations.

Process Improvement

Eddie Davila

"Outdated, inefficient, or limited business processes lead to poorer outcomes and lower employee morale. If you've spotted a process in your organization that could use some retooling—or you want to build an entirely new process from scratch—then this course is for you. Join Eddie Davila as he shows how to become a change agent within your organization by improving business processes. Eddie goes over the traits of good business processes, as well as why some processes just don't work. He then shares tips for crafting practical solutions that solve real problems at your company, shows how to leverage tools such as flowcharts to build brand-new business processes, and explains how to sell your solutions to stakeholders.'

Please register normally and you will be sent a link to join via zoom.

This special PDM is extended to our members at no charge.



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