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Fundamentals of Inventory Control

Participants are introduced to essential vocabulary and skills in identifying and applying the basic principles of inventory management. Basic methods of planning and controlling inventory in manufacturing, institutional, distribution, and retail environments are covered. The questions of what to stock are addressed through an examination of current and evolving technologies of inventory management.


This course will impart a fundamental knowledge and understanding of inventory management principles and techniques, providing participants with a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities in the control of inventory and the impact that inventory can have on a business.


  • Fundamentals of Inventory Management
  • Inventory Functions
  • Order Quantities
  • Perpetual Inventory Systems
  • Periodic Inventory Systems
  • Forecasting
  • Midterm Examination and Case Study Presentation
  • Warehouse Management and Distribution Requirements Planning
  • Inventory Record Accuracy, Supply Chain Management, Aggregate Inventory, and Purchasing
  • Just-in-Time (JIT) and Total Quality Management (TQM)-Trends in Inventory Management
  • Case Study and Final Examination Review
  • Final Examination
Call for Students

Please call Jim Ciliberti at 610-751-3968 to express your interest in this course. Your chapter will present this as well as the other Fundamentals modules, if we obtain a sufficient number of interested parties. Jim can also be reached via e-mail at jciliberti@rcn.com.